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Puanganui o te Rangi

From the end of autumn through to the end of winter, iwi look to the night sky for guidance and inspiration. While many tribes focus on Matariki, the iwi of Te Taiuru (Taranaki, Whanganui and Rangitīkei) look to Puanga.

This period is known as te Tau o Puanga. Traditionally there were ceremonies for each lunar month and the movement and growing of food. Today, the iwi of Te Taiuru are reviving two ceremonies for te Tau o Puanga:

  • Te Maru o te Tau – a ceremony to release and farewell
  • Te Tahi o te Tau – a ceremony to welcome the new year.

This resource has been published in English and te reo Māori to help guide people through the two ceremonies.

This version is a good resource for anyone who is just beginning to learn about Puanga and the revival of ceremonies. The Māori version is targeted at intermediate and fluent speakers of te reo Māori.

Order copies of these resources from Down the Back of the Chair
(Book & Posters: MOE97493, Flash cards: MOE97491)

See the “About this resource” box below to download resources: 

  • Puanganui-o-te-Rangi-Pukapuka-Eng.pdf
  • Puanga-Posters-Eng.pdf
  • Puanga-Flashcards-Eng.pdf
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Ngā rewa o te rauemi ko Puanganui o te Rangi

Mō te rauemi

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